Andrea Mock

Howdy and welcome! I don’t know how you found my website but it’s awesome you’re here.

Currently, I live in Berkeley and am hard at work with my director, Leonard Pitt, and solo show developer, David Ford, of The Marsh adapting my work-in-progress novel, The Moby Dick Diaries, as a solo show for the Yes to Everything Theater Festival, San Francisco, Saturday May 13 and Friday 19.

Artist Bio

Born and bred in the farming community of Porterville, CA, I received four grants for my creative work from the Flora and William Hewlett and Zellerbach Foundations As playwright-in-residence from 1996 to 2002 at the Speakeasy Theater, I wrote and had five plays produced: Survival of the Weirdest, First Time, Brain_In_A Box, Jane Austen in Berkeley and Age of Enlightenment. In 2015, funded by a grant from ODC SF, I crafted choreography using script-writing techniques. The resulting pieces won ODC San Francisco’s “Take 5” choreography competition. One piece, Call Me Ishwhale” became the finale of a fifth play, THE MOBY DICK DIARIES. Just before Covid struck, I produced a solo show series, “Two by Two” to workshop my next play The Red River Rat Club.

Other  Writing, Performing, Choreography                               

Frustrated with not being able to perform during the pandemic I turned my hand, briefly, at video receiving two commissions from LunaSeas for two five-minute silent films in 2019 and 2020 shown at an outdoor festival in Fort Collins, Co. I’ve been a regular guest artist for Terrain Dance and Theater Collective at Dance-a-rama performances at Eighth Street Studios and performed excerpts from THE MOBY DICK DIARIES for the Jump! Series (2013) ATLAS showcase (2013) San Francisco Theater Festival (2009), the Society for Children’s Writers and Illustrators conference in Virginia City, Nevada (2009), Works in the Works at Eighth Street Studio (2012), and Berkeley Community Media Public Television Station (aired November 2012).

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dave Holmberg

    Andrea, don’t know if you’ll see this but I wanted to reach out. I’m in Bend OR Take care. Hope you are well. Great memories of SCICON and the Toutle River.


  2. Debra Bisacchi

    Andrea, I want to say, “hi,” not sure you’ll remember me from way back, the early ’80’s, I danced in your piece in a Berkeley venue, think Randy Newman, Fleetwood Mac,Sam lifting me, loved being airborne!. I could go on but won’t just want to wish you well and I am so happy to see you are performing, writing, and creating. My best to you. Debra


  3. Tami McQueen

    Hi Andrea, I left the class too soon, my apologies….this is Tami McQueen. I would love to catch up! I hope this goes directly to you. See below my contact info…


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