Podcasts – Tools for Solo Performers

Coming soon!

I promised myself I would do 6 podcasts before giving up. Tim Ferriss, podcaster sensei, says this is the right number to begin with. If nothing else, I’ll learn a great deal. I’ve bought my gear and created my motivation which I’ll share with you.

Why do this?

At 58, I fell in love with solo performing. I’d dated on and off for years but never committed until three years ago when I backed into this relationship after failing miserably at a eight year project, writing a page-turning novel. Since I’d had yards of experience onstage, I thought performing again would help me translate the immediacy of performing to the page. You see, I’d quit performing at 50 because I thought no one wanted to see a 50 year-old woman onstage. Gad, what a dumb and absolutely false justification for bailing.

I came for the novel but stayed for the thrill and excitement and blood-pounding-terror of performing again. Solo performing checks all my boxes, hat tricks, mime, dance, sound design, script writing, transforming myself into a teenager or a dog.

Most of all, I love the (relatively) low tech aspect. Solo performing is one of the most democratic of art forms (democratic with a little “d”, as opposed to Democratic party), second only to poetry.

Perhaps you’re an embryo solo performer or maybe, an old-timer needing new inspiration, whatever your political or artistic stripe, my desire is to give you the tools, techniques, motivation and inspiration to bring your story to the rest of us. The world is waiting.

My line-up so far:

These talented and gracious solo performers have traveled the solo performing path and have agreed to share their wisdom with you. They’ll be the stars of my six podcast experiment:

  • Irma Herrera
  • Josh Kornbluth
  • Mark Kenward
  • Diane Barnes
  • Two more to come! I’m hoping to get producer Mary Alice Fry and maybe David Ford. Watch this space!

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