The Moby Dick Diaries Synopsis

First love, first death, first masterpiece. THE MOBY DICK DIARIES, set during the Trump election, is a semi-fictional, semi-autobiographical account of how—growing up redneck—MOCK ended up as a Berkeley modern dance choreographer.

Your basic white girl, LEE WEST, reads then decides to choreograph Moby Dick, her ticket out of her depressing, drought-stricken town. In a battle of wills, her eco-warrior boyfriend, DAVID MONROE, demands “What good is Art if we all fry from global warming?” LEE finds in her bones the strength to prevail in this battle of wills. Her answer is the modern dance she creates for Porterville’s Got Talent. Her dance doesn’t save the earth, nor her relationship with DAVID, but it does save one quirky girl from a life trapped in a stifling town.