World Premiere of Putin’s Puppet!

Everyone wants to fly, right? Well, not in my latest dance story, a 7: 23-minute solo dance story called, “Putin’s Puppet,”  my humble homage to Fokine’s Petrushka ballet and Chaplin’s The Great Dictator.


Like The Great Dictator, Donald Trump dances with a helium-filled world globe. (Note my “world” is a smaller, balloon-sized one. Also, I couldn’t afford the flying gear to run up the curtains or, gah, even afford curtains. Such is the state of the arts these days. More funding for the arts, please!)

Alas, when puppetmaster Putin demands his world back, Trump dies from a broken heart. His ghost rises to heaven where he (all too briefly) enjoys flying with his new wings until greed causes Trump to grab the world back from Putin. Sadly, it’s laced with poison and Trump dies a second death (just like the puppet Petrushka which was danced by Vaslav Nijinsky as shown below!).


Second death? Yeah, it makes no sense but its Art I tell you! ART!!!! And it’s my great fun to die onstage twice. Kinda-sorta makes up for the pint-sized globe.

I hope you can come to see it on SUNDAY NOV 18th, 2018 at 7:30 P.M.

Western Sky Studio, 2525 8th Street (at Dwight Way) #13A

Berkeley CA

Tickets are $10.00

Also, come to see the wonderful choreography of:

  • Eric Larsen
  • Jennifer Minore and Stephanie Unger
  • Sean Ong Tran
  • Coral Martin
Yours in life and art,

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