Moby Dick Dances at Luna Dance Institute

So how do YOU make a dance. I pretty much had nothing for my half hour performance for Luna Dance Institute scheduled for last Thursday.

Terrified of forgetting my lines, I focused every bit of energy on memorizing 10 pages of my monologue for Tuesday night at the Marsh. So come Thursday, I did what I always do. Here I am, winging it like a frightened raven.



The cool thing is, people seemed to like it! This stone cold improv gave me courage for the show on Sunday at Dance-a-rama. People seemed to like that too!

And performing improv acted like creativity steroids. I woke up in the middle of the night yelling “Herman Melville and Martha Graham belong together like peanut butter and chocolate!” To the Supremes’s “Love Child”, I sorta choreographed, sorta improved a Martha Graham spoof. This was the highlight of my performance Tuesday night at the Marsh. At least my highlight.

Poor Brian. He’s lost years of sleep living with me.

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