First Drafts are Always Bad

I think my 15 year old daughter’s going to be a writer.

She walks around the house depressedly muttering how she’s a shitty writer, and how she hates writing, while working hours a day the whole Christmas vacation on her take home exam answering 5 questions on Brave New World. It’s due tomorrow and she’s half done. Oh and she takes picayune issue with the wording liberties of the teacher’s questions. Oh and she’s only half way through Les Miserables that she’s been reading for two months. She’s on page 700.
Asking all you writers out there, Am I right? Am I right?
But how do I explain to her that first drafts are always shitty. Writing is hard work. That writing is not written, it’s re-written.
She brushes me off.
PS: Yesterday her English teacher gave the class a new assignment, Take a book you like and make it into a children’s book. She’s doing the first half of Les Miserables calling it The Sad People.
The Mock dry humor gene, much?
Yes, I hafta say.

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