First Love, First Death, First Masterpiece!

Click the link to view the trailer for “Call Me Ishwhale“– the dance finale from THE MOBY DICK DIARIES.

Hi Friends,

Last year I told you about my workshop production of The Moby Dick Diaries at The Marsh in San Francisco. After a metric ton of buffing, polishing, and major permitted remodeling (OM effen G, ladies, and gents, please put two hands together for my patience-of-Job directors!), the show lunges towards its adrenaline surging, lung-pounding premiere, May 13th and 19th.  

TMDD is part of the Yes To Everything Series curated by producer Mary Alice Fry. Last Sunday, theater critic Jean Schiffman wrote in the SF/ARTS monthly, “ The Moby Dick Diaries looks especially intriguing.”

YAY for me!!!

No, wait. Seriously. Everybody’s show “looks especially intriguing.” Slap some color into the cheeks of your imagination by checking out these descriptions:

If you buy a ticket online, I get 15% of the proceeds!

Here’s the updated description of my show.

THE MOBY DICK DIARIES, set during the Trump election, is an updated, semi-fictional, semi-autobiographical account of how—growing up in Porterville—Andrea Mock ended up as a Berkeley modern dance choreographer.

Your basic white girl, a goat-roper, LEE WEST, reads then decides to choreograph Moby Dick as her ticket out of her depressing, drought-stricken, California town. Blowing her off course is her eco-warrior boyfriend, DAVID MONROE, who demands “What good is Art if we all fry from global warming?” LEE’s answer is Call Me Ishwhale, a modern dance for Porterville’s Got Talent talent show. Her dance doesn’t save the earth, nor her relationship with DAVID but does save one quirky girl from a life trapped in a stifling town. Lee discovers in her bones, the joy of creation and the self-agency and strength to prevail in a romantic conflict of wills which becomes her rite of artistic passage.

The story is told with a metric ton of mime, movement and, dance with original music by composer, Victor Spiegel.

Director: Leonard Pitt

Developed With: David Ford

Performance Consultants: Mark Kenward

Deborah Eubanks

Original Music: Victor Spiegel



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