How High to Climb?

Tomorrow night will be the very first time I perform THE MOBY DICK DIARIES, the whole sheebang. It’s also the first time I perform at the Exit Theater in SF.

Guess what?

Downstage the Exit Theater has a ladder attached to a pillar that goes up to the ceiling. It’s maybe 20 feet up. During the dance finale, I’ll climb up that pillar to the imaginary “crow’s nest” and look out over the ocean as part of my dance finale.

How high should I climb? Five feet? Ten feet? Fifteen? Twenty?????? Yowza! I haven’t decided. I’m excited to find out myself!

These days I wawhale alonelk around feeling like the first time I dove off the high dive at the Porterville Plunge–heart-expandingly thrilled and knee-buckling terrified at the same time in the same body.

No matter how much I’ve rehearsed, the show doesn’t exist until it’s in front of an audience.  Speaking of audience, who do you know that needs a little nighttime excitement in their lives?

Please tell them about the show. And please join me for this super-charged premiere of THE MOBY DICK DIARIES Saturday the 13th or Friday the 19th.

“Andrea Mock’s The Moby Dick Diaries looks especially intriguing.”
Theater critic, Jean Schiffman, ARTS/SF Monthly

Grab your tickets at


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